In this section you can find Frequently Asked Questions about our services and our suggestions while traveling.

Booking a coach. To book a coach, please call our phone number +372 6 602 603, send an e-mail info at taistobussid dot ee or fill out the form


How much does booking a coach cost? Prices vary, and depend on the route and duration of the trip. Every inquiry gets a personal reply. Get an quotation 


How many seats do the coaches have? Additional information and photos about our vehicles can be found on our homepage. 


Does the coach have a microphone? All of our coaches have a microphone.


Can the coaches be booked without a driver? Booking our vehicles without our experienced drivers is, as a rule, not possible.


How is the driver accomodated? As a rule, the accomodation of the driver(s) is the responsibility of the Client.


How to get in contact with Taisto Bussid? We can be contacted by phone +372 6 602 603 or e-mail info at taistobussid dot ee. We kindly ask for you to make an appointment, if you wish to have a meeting in our office at ManeeĹži 6, Tallinn.


Cancellation terms

- Cancellation without fine 3 working days before the journey.

- Cancellation 2 days before the journey 50% of the total payment will be invoiced.
- Cancellation 1 day before the journey or the same day 100% of the total payment will be invoiced. 


Travel documents. Please check that you have a valid passport with you (which should be valid for at least 6 months after the trip), if available your national ID card. We advise you to make copies of your documents. Your passport (and ID card) should only be handed out for official purposes, and the document numbers should be written down, just in case.


Travel insurance. We advise you to have a valid travel insurance for the duration of your trip. Aside from any first aid and medical expenses it should also cover other difficult situations which may arise. For Europeans traveling in Europe, it would be a good idea to have the European medical expense insurance card


Medication. All of our vehicles are fitted with first aid kits, but in case of specialized medical needs, you should bring your own medication. This also goes for head-ache and stomach problem medication.


Before departure, you should check the meeting location and what time the vehicle is leaving.


Luggage brought to a coach trip should be packed in two separate bags: items you need in either stops or at the destination should be fitted in the luggage compartment under the vehicle and items necessary during the trip (private items, documents, money, food and drink etc) should be packed in a smaller bag and brought into the vehicle with you. Pack sensibly - the less items you bring to the interior of the vehicle, the more room and comfort you have. Photo cameras are a must for coach trips - memorable places and sights are everywhere. If the itinerary includes a night stay in the coach, you should have a blanket, pillow and comfortable clothing. Our coach seats can be regulated to the side - we recommend this setting to be used for night time rest.


Food and drink. Coach travel often does not provide the driver the opportunity to make many long stops, this is why we recommend you to bring with you e.g. canned food, bread and definitely drinking water. The coach has a hot water boiler - bring coffee, tea, stock cubes, packed food etc. You should bring a spoon, knife, fork and cup (preferably not made of glass). You should not bring food items which have a short shelf life.

Recommendations for comfortable traveling.

  • Due to there being big traveling groups on coach trips, you should try to remain positive and patient in any situation. Bring a good mood so you can also share it with your traveling buddies. The coach has a video and/or DVD viewing option. You can bring your own movies. If you do, please label them, to avoid any difficulties retrieving them later. 
  • In case of problems, please turn to the group leader or driver - this way we can find the solution. 
  • Moving inside the coach should be done only when the coach is not driving inside a city and is moving in a steady pace.
  • To avoid discomforts arising from the heavy usage of the coach WC during long trips, we suggest you use the facilities at gas stations and other stops along the way. 
  • To keep the travel environment pleasant, please keep the coach clean. When arriving back from your trip, please check if you have all you belongings with you. If you did forget something inside the coach, please turn to your travel agent or straight to Taisto Bussid (Maneezi 6, Tallinn, tel +372 6 602 603).
Forbidden. You can exit the vehicle at stops only when the group leader gives you permission. Some shorter breaks are meant only for changing drivers, fueling etc.

At border zones, exiting the vehicle is forbidden.

At stops do not leave your personal belongings unattended.


Useful information

Customs regulations

Exchange rates

Keep yourself informed about any new information about traveling via Estonian Foreign Ministry.



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